Although Jody and I met at a professional conference a few years ago, I was not able to experience her amazing gift until very recently. This was my first reading so I really had no expectations or prior experiences to draw from. Jody was able to see exactly where I am in my life, the challenges I have been experiencing, innermost thoughts I have not discussed with anyone, and things in my past that have she could not possibly have known. My reading was not only incredibly accurate, but it was delivered with such a level of understanding and compassion, and had such a profound impact that I was almost immediately able to let go of some things that have been extremely hard to move past. I cannot wait to have my next reading and will be recommending her to everyone I know! Thank you so much Jody!

Julie – Nanaimo, BC Canada


I found Jody to be a very honest, sincere, and talented medium.  Her intuitive ability is top notch and her connections with Spirit provided accurate knowledge and facts that no one but myself knew.  She is very professional, yet it was very comfortable to talk to her.  The information and details of things she saw were described in correct detail and accurate.  Her reading was helpful.  It provided me the insight and guidance I needed to make correct decisions regarding several issues I was dealing with.  I will definitely be scheduling future readings from her.

Susan in Jackson, MI


“Jody amazed me with how quickly she picked up on the issues which surround me and needed very little information to move forward with the reading.  Her accuracy is uncanny but more importantly Jody was kind, compassionate and patient.  I left the reading feeling calm and uplifted.”

S.M.O. – New Jersey


I just wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful person Jody is to have read for you. She touched on feelings and personal thoughts that I think I only had spoken to my husband about…fears and doubts that I did not share with my close friends. Jody was spot on about things going on in my life and it was really exciting to hear her tell me. I haven’t had many readings in my life so it was really neat to have someone truly have insight into what has been going on. It also brought to light that I really need to fix and conquer what has been holding me back. I will continue to have future readings. She is not only professional but also a great person to talk to about day to day stuff!! Thank You Jody Higgins.

Monica Gate City, VA


Jody is one of the sweetest, warmest people you can meet. Her readings are done with such love and care! She barely knew me when she gave me my first reading and she tapped into my soul and told me things that completely made sense in my life. She also gave me insights to what I needed for the future. Totally accurate and helpful!

Robin, Jackson, MI


I cannot say enough great things about Jody and her reading ability!! My first ever read with her was amazing. She knew all about little things, like my daughter being sad she could not ride her bike. She knew one of my horses was injured before I even had any idea. She saw me looking at my finger nails and admiring them, while we were on the phone. What?! She talked about things I was mulling over but had never told anyone. She knew exactly how I felt about some decisions I had made. Most importantly she gave me confidence in those decisions!! Jody is warm, kind, super easy to talk to and she is right on the money. I cannot wait to have more readings with her!! My mom is even going to have a reading with her, after I told her how accurate Jody was, and she has never had a reading before. I highly recommend her!!

Vicki, Colorado


It was early October, 2006, and I had planned a Girls’ Weekend at the family cabin.  I had invited several friends, my sisters, and Jody the jewelry girl.  As it turned out, none of my friends could make it and it ended up being two of my sisters, a friend of my one sister, and Jody.  I felt bad because Jody made this trip and it wasn’t going to turn out as I had hoped.

Anyway, as we were sitting at the kitchen table, Jody leaned towards me and asked me if we could talk.  Puzzled by her question, I leaned in to talk.  She said no, in the living room.  As we were walking toward the living room she asked me to not cry.  My thought was, “Oh crap, what is she going to say.”  I promised.  Keep in mind that I didn’t know Jody.  We met once or twice at some jewelry parties that she was demonstrating.

As we sat on the couch, Jody looked at me and asked, “Why are you so sad?” I said I was fine.  She replied that it was a deep seeded sadness.  I had a lot going on and felt lost on the inside.  Then she asked, “You know your mom’s here?”  I said of course, she loved the cabin.  She put her heart and soul into it.  Then Jody said that she wasn’t there with my sisters, but with me.  She said my mom was sorry.  Jody then stopped mid-sentence and apologized.  She said this never happened, but my mom was being persistent.

Jody went on to mention many things that she couldn’t have known, right down to my desire to be a photographer of nature.  After a few moments of talking, Jody told me that whenever I needed help, I should call on my mom and she would be there for me.  Then she asked if she could hold my hand.  I agreed and a strange sensation traveled through my entire body.  Everything in the room seemed brighter and the weight I had been carrying was lifted.

Jody’s gift is genuine and spot on.  She had nothing to gain by giving me that reading.  The jewelry party was a flop and she did not ask for or expect any pay.  We didn’t know each other aside from what I mentioned earlier.  What she did for me was life changing.  I highly recommend Jody for contacting lost loved ones or for direction in your life.

Sue G.