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Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading

A psychic reading will give you information about past, present and future events. You will get clarity around situations in your life, get closure about past events and get helpful information and advice about future events that are going to happen.

A reading with Jody is a Spiritual experience. Each reading is different and the information shared will be different for each person. Some readings are very Evidential with objects, and detailed information while others are more Spiritual, inspirational and motivational in nature.

Mediumship Reading

This style of reading is connecting with loved ones, family members, or friends that have crossed over. Jody cannot control if a person comes through during the session but she will share any information that she receives.

Schedule an In Person or Phone Reading with Jody

To schedule a reading please email me and I will contact you within 48 to 72 hours to schedule your reading.

Reading can be in person, by phone or by email.

Email or use the contact form below to submit your request. Please include the following information to schedule your session.

1. Name of the person receiving the reading.

2. Telephone numbers where recipient can be reached (please provide backup number).

3. Request for date and time of reading. Please suggest 3 different dates and times.

Monday through Friday – 1pm to 8pm eastern time
Saturday – 11am through 8pm eastern time
Sunday – 11am to 6pm eastern time

Schedule an Email Reading with Jody

Please allow at least 48-72 hours for Jody to respond to your email reading request.    Please provide as much or as little information as you like with your questions.

Please provide the following information when submitting questions for an email reading:

1) Name of person receiving reading
2) Your email reading questions clearly outlined
3) The email address that the response should be sent to

Your email reading will be completed once payment is received.

1 Question = $25
2 Questions = $35
3 Questions = $45
4 Questions = $55

After the reading is completed, you are allowed to respond. If you would like to submit additional questions please ask about payment.

To Submit Payment


Email Readings

Please submit your request for a reading.

You will receive a response for a telephone reading within 48 to 72 hours.

You will receive your email reading within 48 to 72 hours. Responses are recorded.

Session Policies

Sessions are not confirmed until payment is made. The appointment time may be forfeited if payment is not made.

Jody has a waiting list for readings.  Please do not contact Jody on social media or by email attempting to get a same-day reading.  Reading requests outside of the hours of availability will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please note: For international requests, Skype will be used and you will need to provide us with your Skype username when making your request.

In certain instances the request for a phone or email reading may be declined for various reasons including the nature of the request, and/or how the potential reading may feel in terms of energy. In certain instances Jody is guided to decline the reading. In the event client engages in inappropriate language, or with a negative or argumentative energy, Jody has the right to terminate the phone call/Skype session without a refund.

Please do not message Jody on social media for clarification or to talk more about the reading after it’s completed. Also, please do not request status updates or contact Jody with an attempt to push the reading through instantly.  Like anyone, Jody is very busy with work and life and readings need to be scheduled. She is grateful for the chance to help anyone that purchases a reading but please respect her boundaries.

Refund Policy

NO REFUNDS will be granted for cancelled appointments without a 24 hour notice. EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE AT JODY’S DISCRETION.

All appointments are scheduled in EASTERN TIME. It is the client’s responsibility to be available at the time of the appointment.

Not being available for a scheduled appointment forfeits the appointment. NO REFUND WILL BE GRANTED. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

Rescheduling of an appointment is permissible PRIOR TO 24 HOURS BEFORE the scheduled appointment or at the sole discretion of Jody, otherwise NO REFUND WILL BE GRANTED, NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE and there will NOT be an opportunity to reschedule for the purchase. Please use the contact form f you wish to reschedule your appointment. Rescheduled appointments are at the discretion of Jody.

We reserve the right NOT to offer appointments to certain individuals. ONLY in this situation will a full refund be returned to the purchaser.

Please understand that not showing for an appointment affects valuable appointment time and is not fair to other clients who want an appointment.

No reading substitutes policy

Scheduled readings are not and cannot be substituted for payment made for any other purchase then the one paid for. Reading options cannot be altered, exchanged, or interchanged in any way and are considered separate reading purchases with separate payment fees applicable. All purchases are final. Phone readings are individual only. Jody does not do group readings by phone.

Email readings and phone readings are purchased individually.  For example, a 25.00 one question email reading cannot be purchased and then later the client pays 10.00 more to have a two question email reading.  Each purchase is considered a separate reading with separate payment fees. Phone readings cannot be broken down in minute increments to be used at a later date.


This service is provided for entertainment purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated. Clients must be 21 years or older to book, receive and/or purchase a reading, product or service. Readings are not substitutes for professional, legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care. Clients are encouraged to seek the advice of a trained Medical Doctor about any health concerns. Jody has the right to end the phone or email session without refund if the client becomes argumentative, insulting or vulgar or if the requests by the client are unethical in nature. Jody is not capable of controlling what information comes in from Spirit and the Angels during the reading. Attempting to control the reading and dictate the answers to questions during the reading will lower Jody’s vibrations.  That will result in the session being ended. By purchasing a session you are agreeing to Jody’s policies.